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The Deadline to File Your Texas Homestead Exemption is Approaching Fast.

Property tax in Texas is a locally accessed and locally administered tax. Texas does not have a state tax. Property tax brings in the most money to local government to pay for schools, emergency response services, roads, parks, libraries, etc.

What Is A Homestead Exemption?

The Texas property tax code provides an exemption for owner occupied properties. This exemption removes a portion of value from taxation which in turn gives the property owner a lower taxable amount. The exemption also restricts how much the assessed value may increase year over year.

Who May File?

You must have owned and occupied your homestead as of January 1st in the year for which you are applying. You only have to file the exemption once. It will apply every year going forward until you notify the county you’ve moved from that property.

You may not claim any other property as your homestead. If you owned a home that was sold or rented out and moved into the new qualifying homestead, you must notify the county of that old property to remove that exemption before the new exemption can be applied.

How Do You File A Homestead Exemption Form?

Check with your county first. Most have a form that you can complete and submit online. For others, you may have to download, print out, complete and mail in the form.

It is free to file the form. Be aware that there are companies out there that can do it for you but will charge you to do so.

You must submit the homestead form between January 1st and April 30th of the year for which you want an exemption.

Some counties may require a copy of your Texas driver’s license or ID card that shows the property address for which you are filing the homestead exemption.

Here Are Other Exemptions You May Qualify For

  • Age 65 or older
  • Disable Person
  • Veterans

Check with your county to see if any of these other exemptions apply to you.

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