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Keeping A Germ Free Home During Flu Season

Flu season can be a dangerous time of the year. We all like to think our home is safe and germ free, but germs can be lurking everywhere! Thankfully, there are ways that you can keep your home germ free during the flu season and keep your family healthy and safe!

High-traffic Areas

There are some spots in your house that receive a lot of traffic, such as faucets, doorknobs, remote controls, toys and toilets. These are areas where germs build up quickly. That is why it is important to disinfect these areas often. Once someone from your family comes into contact with the flu virus, they can easily spread it to other areas of the house. Try to keep it from spreading by cleaning these high-traffic areas.


When you want to get rid of dirt, soap and water will do the trick. However, when you want to get rid of germs, you are going to need something with a little bit more power. That is where disinfectants and sanitizers come into play. These types of cleaning products are used to kill viruses and bacteria. Keep in mind, however, that disinfectants need time to work. Sometimes they need between a few seconds to a few minutes. Read the directions on your disinfectant product to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from it.

Take Out the Trash

During the cold and flu season, your family is going to use a lot of tissues. As a result, your trash will be filled with dirty tissues that are simply overflowing with germs. This is why it is extremely important to empty your trash can often. Also, ensure that your family members do not leave their dirty tissues lying around. This is just asking for more germs to spread to other surfaces.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind when it comes to keeping your home germ free this flu season. Just remember, there is no sure-fire way to stop the spread of the flu. Thus, as soon as you notice signs of being infected, you should contact your doctor right away for treatment. The sooner you seek treatment for the flu, the quicker you can get back to your normal life!

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