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Avoid Becoming The Stagnant House When Selling By Staging It Properly

Home staging is preparing your home for sale, inside and out, focusing on design and overall appearance to make it as desirable as possible to potential buyers. However, many homeowners believe that in order to sell their home, they will have to spend big bucks to get it into shape.

addison home staging model my home It’s time to debunk that myth. Not everyone can afford to do the major makeovers you see on home improvement shows.

There are many ways to set the stage for a smooth and quick purchase of your home on a shoestring budget, with a little time and creativity.

Learn the benefits of staging your home and the ways you can do so without having to tap your retirement fund!

  • New Perspective

The home staging process makes you think like a home buyer, which is a valuable tool when trying to present your home from the outside looking in. Ask yourself, “would I buy my house again as is?”

  • Cleanliness and Organization

dallas home stager model my homeStaging forces you to clear out cabinets, clean shelves, go through closets and pack up knick-knacks. You’ll have to do this anyway when you move, but now it serves a dual purpose – saving you last minute stress and enlarging your rooms by removing clutter.

  • Reduced Market Time

Staging makes it more likely that your house won’t get stale on the market. Staging makes the home more desirable and less personalized, which allows you to move on faster.

  • Opportunity to Showcase Worth

If you are selling your home in a buyer’s market, it’s easier to defend your asking price when your home stands out. Proper home staging can help you display all the reasons why your home should become theirs at a price that’s agreeable for everyone.

plano home staging model my home Home staging is not just reserved for the inside!

Otherwise known as curb appeal, the outside of your home should make potential buyers want to see the inside.

Here’s where the outside-looking-in perspective kicks in – Start by standing at the curb and jotting down what you see.

  • If this wasn’t your home and you were simply walking by, what is your first impression? 

Do you want to see the inside? Does it feel welcoming? Are the flowers and plants well taken care of?

  • Do you see shutters with chipped paint? 

Are there updates and repairs that need to be made or does the house seem in good condition?

  • Does the area around the porch look dull and in need of some color?

What could you do to make the house more appealing to potential buyers when they first drive up?

Remember, home staging is about presenting your home in a way that appeals to the most people so that you can sell your home quickly and for a price that makes you happy!

Photos courtesy of Model My Home a Home Staging Company in Dallas, TX.

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